Rare footage of Danny Gatton playing Remington Ride and Johnny B. Good on Telecaster in the 80s.


Rare footage recorded at an unknow Club in the 80s show us the talent of the late Telecaster guitar virtuoso Mr. Telemaster Danny Gatton. Danny was also nicknamed “The Humbler”. In the first video you can watch Gatton playing on his Telecaster an amazing version of bluegrass traditional instrumental song “Remington Ride” composed, played and released on steel guitar by bluegrass legend Herb Remington in 1961. Also very interesting to hear John Previti on double bass. Previti met Gatton at a guitar shop in his hometown of Clinton in 1976. Danny liked his playing so much he invited John to join the band he was just starting. John played with Danny for the next eighteen years. Playing bass for Danny was of enormous growth for Previti. In fact , Danny introduced John to slap bass.

Previti in an interview from NPR News said about him: – You know, when he played country music, it sounded like all he played was country music. When he played jazz, it sounded like that’s all he played, rockabilly, old rock and roll, soul music. You know, he called himself a Whitman sampler of music. (*)

Gatton was born in Washington, D.C., on September 4, 1945. Gatton grew up to share his father’s passion for the instrument. In fact, Daniel W. Gatton Sr., was a rhythm guitarist known for his unique percussive style. Danny released twenty albums during his career, which spanned more than three decades before he committed suicide in 1994 with a gun in a locked garage on his farm in Newburg, Maryland. Danny Gatton has been described as “a living treasury of American musical styles.” On May 26, 2010, Gibson.com ranked Gatton as the 27th best guitarist of all time.



Fender created a special one-off Telecaster for him, the Danny Gatton Signature Telecaster which was released in 1990 and based on Gatton’s heavily customized ’50s Telecaster.




566874629_640Danny Gatton, Banjo Multiple, May 1971






Danny Gatton – Remington Ride (Herb Remington cover)

The second footage we can see Danny  perform great Chuck Berry’s classic rock-n-roll “Johnny B. Good” with his original style who combined country, rockabilly, bluegrass, jazz, fusion and who made the history of guitar. John Previti on mazing bass solo.
Good listening…


Rare footage from Danny Gatton playing Remington Ride and Johnny B. Good on Telecaster in the 80s.

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