Jimi Hendrix on stage at the Monterey Festival in 1967 with his Fender Black Strat.

One of my favourite songs is certainly “The Wind Cries Mary “by Jimi Hendrix, released for the first time in the UK like single on May 1967. In the United States, the song was first released as the B-Side of the “Purple Haze” single in June 1967 and it was later included on Are You Experienced Album released in August on the same year.
For the finess of the lyrics, his good taste in music, his vocal performance, the arrangement on guitar so rich and simple in same time, and the wonderful gentle sound of his guitar,  it’s certainly one of the finest Hendrix’s ballads.
On Sunday, June 18, 1967 Jimi Hendrix took the stage at the Monterey International Pop Festival and towards the end of show he plays a so sweet version of this song on Black Strat.
No, it’s not the same guitar that was burned on the same stage in that same summer night,  at the end of his show, just one song next this, exactly after he played “Wild Thing”. That was the legendary 1965 Fiesta Red Stratocaster, hand painted by Jimi on backstage, prior to the concert, with white spray paint and fingernail polish. Now that guitar is called Monterey Pop Strat. Fender released a tribute version  which was painted by artist Pamelina H..
But now watch Jimi Hendrix’s performance on stage at Monterey Festival playing this beautiful version of The Wind Cries Mary… and enjoy!

To watch the video click on this link:
JImi Hendrix - The Wind Cries Mary (Live at the Monterey Pop Festival, 1967)

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Jimi Hendrix plays “The Wind Cries Mary” At Monterey Pop Festival in 1967.

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