Guitars Are Never Enough!

On 1st August 2016 Steve Vai shared his stage with Apocalyptica & more than 80 Russian guitarists and cellists in Moscow, for a full sets of 8 songs, during an amazing show at the VDNH for the annual Inspiration-2016 Art Festival which was held on the 30th, 31st of July and the 1st of August 2016.


Steve Vai on stage at Green Theatre at the Ispiration Art Festival, on 1 st August 2016 in Moscow.

The culmination of the festival was the Birthday of VDNKh, on August 1. This day has been declared the Day of Music.

Watch here below this amazing clip from that epic event, who made history of Russian guitar music.
So many guitars for so many Russian guitarists playing an amazing version of Flash Mob, a guitar anthem created by Steve Vai and recorded for the first time with The Vai Academy Army like track of his 2015 album ‘VaiTunes’. Enjoy…


…Because Music unites people, Music is life!


Steve Vai ft. Russian Guitarists on ‘Flash Mob’ at the Ispiration Art Festival-2016 in Moscow.

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