Sometimes it’s hard to find the song you are looking on YouTube channel.
It’s difficult mostly because some make no mention about the artist, others only mention the artist and not the song, and others report incorrect information, just like this video that today I want to invite you to watch and listen. 

It’s about a great performance on guitar by George Benson, one of the finest guitar players in the history of jazz. You know, he was a frequent visitor to Montreux Jazz Festival, in his career he has took part in it 11 times, and he was there in 1986 when towards the end of his show he played this amazing version of TAKE FIVE by composer DAVE BRUBECK, one of the foremost jazz exponents.
But the one who uploaded the video on youtube has unfortunately transcribed the wrong title, indeed it’s not Benson’s well-known song us title suggests, ON BROADWAY.

maxresdefault (5)

Well, now that we got the correct information, let’s enjoy this wonder of the guitar’s world… to make your better day!

From DVD  George Benson: Live at Montreux 1986



George Benson plays ‘Take Five’ at Montreux Festival in 1986

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