A Real Gem of the Early 80s: ‘Corridors Of Power’ by Gary Moore.

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Corridors Of Power – UK cover album

Recorded between March – May 1982 at Townhouse Studios, in West London, the first 25,000 vinyl copies came with a bonus EP featuring three live tracks recorded at the legendary music venue in the Oxford Street, the Marquee Club, London on 25 August 1982, and that were included on the remastered CD release on 2002.
The album was released in two versions (both in 1982), in UK under the Virgin label and in USA by the Mirage, that differ one from the other, for cover, for a track ( “Falling in love with you,” the US version is remixed), and for two singles released, ‘Falling In Love With You’ for the Vergin label and ‘End Of The World’ for Mirage. It’s amongst the best-selling by Irish guitarist Gary Moore.


Corridors Of Power – USA cover album

Corridors Of Power‘ was Gary’s second solo album and it also contains a cover of the Free song “Wishing Well”, while the track “End of the World”, with two-minute of an epic long guitar solo intro, features Jack Bruce of Cream sharing lead vocals with Moore.           It’s an outstanding hard-rock album by Gary Moore, a real gem of the early eighties that ispired many guitarists and musician all over the world.  Anyone who wants to learn to play rock guitar should listen.

Gary Moore      (vocals/guitar)
Neil Murray     (bass guitar)
Ian Paice           (drums)
Tommy Eyre    (keyboards)
Jack Bruce              (co-lead vocals on track 6: End Of The World)
Don Airey               (keyboards on track 5: Falling in Love with You)
Mo Foster               (bass guitar on track 5: Falling in Love with You)
Bobby Chouinard (drums on track 6: End Of The World)
John Sloman          (backing vocals)


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