The band come from Poland, it is called “Łukasz Gorczyca Band” and featuring Gary Moore’s son Jack Moore on lead guitar. Jack began playing the guitar at the age 15 under the influence of the legendary father. His father Gary, born in Belfast in 1952, picked up the guitar when he was 8, inspired by Elvis Presley and the Beatles, as well as by British blues guitarists Peter Green and Eric Clapton.

Here below you can hear and watch Jack Moore’s version of “Parisienne Walkways” from two differents show. The first was recorded at an unknown pub in Białystok, Poland, on February 12, 2017, and other video was recorded on the same month, two days before, on stage in the Radio Kraków’s studio, in Kraków, Poland. The original song was written by Gary and his long time friend and leader of the Irish rock band Thin Lizzy, the late Phil Lynott, and was released in 1978 by Gary for his first solo album “Back On The Streets” (1973’s Grinding Stone album being credited to “The Gary Moore Band”).

I show you these video just for a simple curiosity and because I know how much Gary fans love the young Jack. It’s hard to be the son of a legend, it’s also hard not to compare Jack with the great father, but and I’m not going to do it, and you know why!

Good listening…

“Parisienne Walkways” – Recorded at an unknown pub in Białystok, Poland:

“Parisienne Walkways” – Recorded in the studio of Radio Kraków:


Hear Gary Moore’s son Jack Moore playing ‘Parisienne Walkways’ last winter in Poland

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