New Danzig’s Album ‘Black Laden Crown’ coming out in Mid-May

The Misfits co-founder Glenn DANZIG will release his New Album “Black Laden Crown” this May. This is the 1st DANZIG album of all new material
in 7 years, since 2010’s critically acclaimed ‘Deth Red Sabaoth’.                                       ‘Black Laden Crown‘ will be released May 26, 2017.


“Black Laden Crown” Cover Album Painted by Simon Bisley

This June also marks the 25th Anniversary of DANZIG III HOW THE GODS KILL.
HOW THE GODS KILL was the 1st DANZIG Album to crack Billboards Top 30 & the
1st DANZIG Album Produced by Mr. DANZIG himself.
In Honor of this Momentous Occasion, DANZIG will be doing a Selecct Handful of Shows
this Summer & will perform many songs from HOW THE GODS KILL.

Here below you can hear a preview from the album, DANZIG’s official track ‘Devil on Hwy 9’, with  Tommy Victor on lead guitar.

Good listening…


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