Jimi Hendrix’s Saville Theatre/Sgt. Pepper’s Strat Guitar smashed in front of the Beatles


Jimi Hendrix’s photo taken with his Saville/Sgt.Peppers Strat guitar  in London, UK on June 1967, on backstage at The Seville theatre.

On June 4, 1967, Jimi Hendrix played two shows in a day at the Saville Theatre, owned by Beatles manager Brian Epstein. Paul McCartney and George Harrison were in attendance. In tribute to them, the Jimi Hendrix Experience played “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart’s Club Band”. Later in the set, Jimi smashed his red Strat guitar hand-painted by himself, the famous  Saville/Sgt.Peppers Strat, and made an offering of the fragments to the screaming audience. There are only the fragments today. The design on this guitar is very similar to the well-known made on his Monterey Pop Strat , painted on backstage at the legendary festival few days later and then burned on stage.


The Seville/Sgt. Pepper’s Strat from the front  at the Museum of op Culture in Seattle. Photo by Jason Camhi

A view of the front reveals that the guitar was originally painted in a darker shade of red – officially known as the Candy Apple Red finish by Fender.

Hendrix painted the guitar with white paint  on the back of the body. Also on the back he wrote a poem, reading —

May this be love or just confusion
Born out of frustration
Wracked feelings
of not being able to make true physical
love to the universal gypsie queen of
true, free expressed music
My darling guitar, please rest in peace.                                                                                         Amen



back of the Saville strat



The body of the Seville Stratocaster is currently kept safe at the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle. This is the view from the back. Photo by David Williams


The red Strat, later called The Seville/Sgt. Pepper’s Stratocaster, was however seen on May 1967 during his tour in Germany.


Jimi Hendrix at Big Apple Club in Munich, Germany on May 16, 1967.

Below you can watch a rare Jimi Hendrix’s video performing  “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart’s Club Band” at the Saville Theatre on his white Strat guitar..


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