Carlos Santana and Miles Davis

During 1986 young guitar virtuoso Robben Ford was invited to play with musical icon Miles Davis on his Tour. On same year Miles and others music giants as Peter Gabriel, Lou Reed, Joni Mitchell, Carlos Santana and more, was invited to play at the Amnesty International’s 25th Anniversary Benefit Concert,  a two-week, six-city, all-star tour to benefit Amnesty International, an an effort to raise money for Amnesty International, the human-rights organization, called “A Cospiracy of Hope”, wound up with a celebratory 11-hour concert  at Giants Stadium, in East Rutherford, New Jersey on June 15, 1986. The show was televised in its entirety by MTV. Miles played a set lasting just under 30 minutes and his band consisted of Robben Ford (guitar), Bob Berg (saxophone), Robert Irving IIII and Adam Holzman (keyboards), Felton Crews (bass), Steve Thornton (percussion) and Vince Wilburn Jr (drums). The final number saw Carlos Santana  joining Ford on stage for a two-guitar line-up to perform this amazing funk-rock tune called “Burn”. Great Bob Berg on sax… Just to enjoy!


Miles Davis featuring Carlos Santana and Robben Ford to perform “Burn” in 1986

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