Gary Moore’s “Parisienne Walways” Played on Flamenco Guitar by Al Di Meola

Al Di Meola Live Poland 2011

Today I want to invite you to hear guitar virtuoso Al Di Meola,  perform an amazing version of “Parisienne Walkways” by Gary Moore & Phil Lynott on flamenco guitar, followed by Al’s “Siberiana” from his album “Pursuit of Radical Rhapsody”. The performance was filmed Live at the Thanks Jimi Festival in April 30th, on 2011 in Wroclaw, Poland, by Black Cat Studio Pro.

That was a great tribute to Gary passed away a few months before on that same year, on February 6, 2011.


Now watch Gary Moore’s Parisienne Walways  from Al Di Meola & World Sinfonia:

Al Di Meola – guitars
Gumbi Ortiz – percussion
Fausto Beccalossi – accordion
Kevin Seddiki – guitars
Peter Kaszas – drums
Victor Miranda – bass


Joe Bonamassa, Orianthi and Richie Sambora perform for ‘The Midnight Mission’

A Live Jam recorded at Maui Sugar Mill Saloon in Los Angeles, on August 7, 2016, to raise money for LA’s Homeless, for ‘The Midnight Mission‘ organization.

Richie Sambora & Orianthi

Richie Sambora and Joe Bonamassa were there to sign Norman Harris’s new bookConfessions of a Vintage Guitar Dealer: The Memoirs of Norman Harris, w/ forward and praface by Joe Bonamassa and Richie Sambora.

Norman Harris is founder and owner of the legendary store Norman’s Rare Guitars, in Tarzana, CA.. Confessions of a Vintage Guitar Dealer is an intriguing memoir from a man who has spent a lifetime getting extraordinary instruments into the hands of extraordinary artists.

After the signing Joe and Richie, the latter accompanied by his amazing wife Orianthi, joined to celebrate in a great live jam. The performance also included Derek Frank on bass, and Tiny Biuso on drums.


Steve Ray Vaughan’s PRIDE & JOY:

B.B. King’s The Thrill Is Gone:

“Hesitation Blues” arranged for fingerstyle guitar by Jorma Kaukonen

I want to invite you to hear a classic Blues composition in a memorable version from legendary American guitarist Jorma Kaukonen. Kaukonen played this song many times over the years. His signature guitar style combines a blues-based fingerpicking with contemporary innovations.

Hesitation Blues is a traditional tune recorded for the first time in the early 1900s by Billy Smythe, he which also written the song with Scott Middleton, and Art Gillham. It was also one of the first electrical recordings for Columbia Records. Another version was published by the Father of the Blues W.C. Handy as Hesitating Blues. Many artists over the years have taken credit as writer, frequently adapting the lyrics of one of the two published versions.

The version of “Hesitation Blues” I show you is an original arrangement for guitar by Jorma Kaukonen (former guitarist of legendary Jefferson Airplane) in his distinctive and creative style. He was inspired by gospel and blues singer-guitarist Rev.Gary Davis. The Best-known version was played  and arranged by Jorma Kaukonen and his bandmate Jack Casady as the duo Hot Tuna in 1969.

maxresdefault (7)

Hot Tuna on stage in 1976

Kaukonen also played as a solo act in coffee houses in early 60s accompanying a young Janis Joplin. One version of this song  came from this amazing duo and it can be heard on an historic recording known as “The Typewriter Tapes”, taken at Kaukonen’s home on June 25, 1964, (with on background his first wife Margareta Kaukonenon on typewriter).


Jorma Kaukonen and Janis Joplin in 1964

Here below you can watch and listen some versions from Kaukonen, both with Jack Casady and that with Janis, and one memorable recording from a solo acoustic concert on stage at Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ (USA) in May 1978.


Hesitation Blues recorded from Kaukonen as solo on stage at Capitol Theatre, 1978.

Live recording with Jack Casady from the period of the first “Hot Tuna” album, in 1970, at the KQED produced NET broadcast FOLK GUITAR hosted by Laura Weber.

From “The Typewriter Tapes” recorded with Janis Joplin at Kaukonen’s home in SF on June 25, 1964. (Margareta Kaukonen on typewriter)

‘Six Strings Down’ Live by Jimmie Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Robert Cray & Robert Randolph

Six Strings Down is a tribute song to Stevie Ray Vaughan released by his brother Jimmie Vaughan in 1994 for the album Strange Pleasures. The song also mentions several other deceased blues guitarists.

The video below it was uploaded on YouTube with incorrect information about the line-up. Indeed it is a live version recorded on stage at Crossroads Guitar Festival 2004 featuring Jimmie Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Robert Cray and an amazing Robert Randolph on pedal-steel guitar.