Happy Birthday Gary Moore!

Remembering Gary Moore

Was April 4, 1952, in Belfast 

Happ Birthday Gary Moore


Happy Birthday Gary Moore!

Born On This Day…
GARY MOORE – Belfast, Northern Ireland, 4 April 1952.

One of the most greatest and well known Guitar players of all time.

Born as Robert William Gary Moore, he died on February 6, 2011 in Estepona, Spain.


Gary Moore on stage at Donnington Monsters of Rock 1984 Photo by David Plastik 

Muddy Waters performing “Mannish Boy” in 1971.

Just To Celebrate Blues Legend Muddy Waters On This Day On His Birthday…

From DVD Muddy Waters – In Concert 1971

“Mannish Boy” is a blues standard by Muddy Waters recorded for the first time on May 24 in 1955, under the title “Manish Boy”.

Muddy Waters recorded several versions of this song during his career.