Danny Young

Danny Young

Watch guitarist Danny Young’s tribute to the late Gary Moore, ispired by his birthday on early of April, it would-be 65th birthday (Gary was born on April 4, 1952). Danny perform the tune on his Epiphone Les Paul Standard equipped with Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Greenie pickups , which recreate a very specific Peter Green-style PAF tone and reamp on a Blackstar Series 100.

Recently Danny played with Gary Moore’s son Jack Moore on the tribute to his father on this same guitar for the new song “Phoenix,” written by Danny and Jack theyself.

Born January 1980, Danny first realised he wanted to play the guitar after watching his father Colin Young rehearse regularly in the living room. On his childhood years he suffered several operations on his left elbow due to a fracture a few years earlier had left him without feeling in his left hand. For the rehabilitation he start to take guitar lessons from his father at age 14.
Danny was a top 20 sponsors choice finalist in the world’s largest guitar talent contest Guitar Idol 3 in 2011 which enabled Daniel to go onto work with the Arts Council England to showcase awareness for musicians with Aspergers. Recently, Daniel has been producing product demonstrations for Seymour Duncan pickups which include signature gear demos for artists such as Slash, Yngwie Malmsteen and most recently Jason Beckers Perpetual Burn signature pickup. Daniel has also had the pleasure of helping launch Seymour Duncans new line of professional quality foot pedals.

But now watch Danny playing his tribute to Gary Moore….and enjoy!

A tribute to Gary Moore from guitarist Danny Young ispired from his birthday on early April

This is an amazing short video from YouTube user Davie504, where he’s playing “Money” by Pink Floyd using money as pick for the bass guitar and as backing track (except for the cymbals).




 Davie504 is a bass player from Savona, Italy, who love do different challenges involving on his bass guitar. He’s extremely creative when it comes to playing the bass in alternative ways. His videos on YouTube channel typically get a large number of views. 

I hope you enjoy!

Pink Floyd’s “Money” played with Money!

A Live Jam recorded at Maui Sugar Mill Saloon in Los Angeles, on August 7, 2016, to raise money for LA’s Homeless, for ‘The Midnight Mission‘ organization.

Richie Sambora & Orianthi

Richie Sambora and Joe Bonamassa were there to sign Norman Harris’s new bookConfessions of a Vintage Guitar Dealer: The Memoirs of Norman Harris, w/ forward and praface by Joe Bonamassa and Richie Sambora.

Norman Harris is founder and owner of the legendary store Norman’s Rare Guitars, in Tarzana, CA.. Confessions of a Vintage Guitar Dealer is an intriguing memoir from a man who has spent a lifetime getting extraordinary instruments into the hands of extraordinary artists.

After the signing Joe and Richie, the latter accompanied by his amazing wife Orianthi, joined to celebrate in a great live jam. The performance also included Derek Frank on bass, and Tiny Biuso on drums.


Steve Ray Vaughan’s PRIDE & JOY:

B.B. King’s The Thrill Is Gone:

Joe Bonamassa, Orianthi and Richie Sambora perform for ‘The Midnight Mission’

Jimi Hendrix’s Saville Theatre/Sgt. Pepper’s Strat Guitar smashed in front of the Beatles


Jimi Hendrix’s photo taken with his Saville/Sgt.Peppers Strat guitar  in London, UK on June 1967, on backstage at The Seville theatre.

On June 4, 1967, Jimi Hendrix played two shows in a day at the Saville Theatre, owned by Beatles manager Brian Epstein. Paul McCartney and George Harrison were in attendance. In tribute to them, the Jimi Hendrix Experience played “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart’s Club Band”. Later in the set, Jimi smashed his red Strat guitar hand-painted by himself, the famous  Saville/Sgt.Peppers Strat, and made an offering of the fragments to the screaming audience. There are only the fragments today. The design on this guitar is very similar to the well-known made on his Monterey Pop Strat , painted on backstage at the legendary festival few days later and then burned on stage.


The Seville/Sgt. Pepper’s Strat from the front  at the Museum of op Culture in Seattle. Photo by Jason Camhi

A view of the front reveals that the guitar was originally painted in a darker shade of red – officially known as the Candy Apple Red finish by Fender.

Hendrix painted the guitar with white paint  on the back of the body. Also on the back he wrote a poem, reading —

May this be love or just confusion
Born out of frustration
Wracked feelings
of not being able to make true physical
love to the universal gypsie queen of
true, free expressed music
My darling guitar, please rest in peace.                                                                                         Amen



back of the Saville strat



The body of the Seville Stratocaster is currently kept safe at the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle. This is the view from the back. Photo by David Williams


The red Strat, later called The Seville/Sgt. Pepper’s Stratocaster, was however seen on May 1967 during his tour in Germany.


Jimi Hendrix at Big Apple Club in Munich, Germany on May 16, 1967.

Below you can watch a rare Jimi Hendrix’s video performing  “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart’s Club Band” at the Saville Theatre on his white Strat guitar..